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The management of HPC clusters, storage systems, private clouds and other complex environments based on Linux may quickly use up the IT budgets. The system’s management and maintenance costs constantly increase and are often impossible to forecast. An urgent need of contracts or internal services may compromise any budget. Moreover, since organizations re-integrate services from cloud to a more balanced hybrid cloud approach that requires new and unknown technologies, the difficulty to implement, manage and integrate internal resources with private or public cloud resources represents an important challenge.

Do IT Systems offers a pro-active IT service, designed to maintain your systems active and operational at full production. We boast decades of experience in assisting clients in different vertical markets, helping them to handle their technological challenges through support, consulting and administration services of expert systems. He help organizations of all sizes to reduce general costs and increase productivity at a fixed annual fee.

With Do IT Systems, companies can quickly enjoy the benefits of innovative solutions, minimizing costs and stress on internal teams. From the consultation by experts to the infrastructure as service, we allow IT departments to dedicate more resources in optimizing processes, resources and infrastructures to adapt them to growing corporate needs.  Our engineers and data scientists do what they can do best: bring new ideas and products on the market

With our HPC solutions, we guarantee utmost performances, availability and security. After completing the project, we will continue to assist you with our know-how, to help you obtaining the most out of your systems and expand them to satisfy the increasing requests.

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