GPU Computing



With thousands of cores, the power of the graphic processing units is used to accelerate a wide range of mission-critical applications, from artificial intelligence (AI) to automatic learning. Processing with GPU acceleration transfers processing portions of the application of intensive use to the GPU, while the rest of the code is still being executed on the CPU. This way, the applications are executed more quickly and the users will see the difference. 

Advanced HPC can help you exploiting the high potential of GPU Computing. We work with an expert in GPU applications renowned worldwide and highly respected, as preferred partner in NVIDIA partner network, therefore we can design custom GPU solutions to satisfy all your needs, even the most unique and complex.

Collaborating with Do IT Systems offers many advantages:

  • Validation and burn-in services of the applications installed and professionally certified
  • Custom-designed GPU systems to satisfy every requirement of the HPC application
  • Access to the technology that is stimulating innovations in AI, automatic learning and deep learning
  • Ability to work with a team that also features a NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as preferred partner for accelerated calculations

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